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AEM Clinics


30, Melbourne Ave

Glenroy, Vic. 3046

tel: 1300 462 912

or:  03 9306 9993

Or Email:



Anecita Estavilla-Maullin




Welcome to the AEM Clinics website


Here to Improve the Quality of Your Life


Through Better Health, Presentation

& Wellbeing


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Have you ever tried to drink Herbal Tea?


Regardless how good for you it might be -

Do you find it difficult to get past the Awful Taste ?


We were having great success with our herbal remedies

which are taken  in liquid form,

Our clients have experienced relief from

Chronic Anxiety and Depression and many

other maladies / ailments,

thanks to these Herbal preparations


but what they have all told me is -

“....but the Taste is Awful”


So, we listened to them and  now present for you

a range of herbal preparations which can be

swallowed in a ‘taste-free’, gelatin capsule


We call these capsules what they are:




“Tea in a  Capsule”




Our Capsules contain the exact same

herbal ingredients as their alternative

awful tasting teas and tinctures


To maintain quality, we source all out herbs, capsules

and bottles  exclusively fromAustralian Suppliers


Go to the “AEM Clinics Tea In a Capsule” Page -

first button, top right,  to find out more




We have organised ourselves to handle distant /

remote  internet naturopathy consultation services.


This way, regardless of distance, you just email us,

agree a timetable and receive the benefits of an expert,

 confidential  naturopathy consultation with Anecita.


You will need to have “Skype” installed on your P.C.

but “Skype” is a free software application, which can be

installed easily.


Using and microphone and web camera will be able to

talk with as well as see and be seen by Anecita during

your consultation.



High blood pressure (aka hypertension) is a common

problem for many people, both men and women.

Anecita has just completed the course for  the 

treatment of essential hypertension and is now a

 registered hypnotension practitioner

high blood pressure


Check the Hypnotension Button , to the right to

find out more


Now a little about AEM Clinics


“Improving the Quality of Your Life Through

Better Health, Presentation  & Wellbeing”


At AEM Clinics, Anecita now offers a range of Naturopathic,  Hypnotherapy and other

 health, wellness and image enhancing therapies and services.

           The services we offer are delivered to help people simply improve their health and        

 the quality of their lives.


Naturopathy is the modern term for a wide range of traditional and natural medicines, which

have been in use for many centuries before the development of modern pharmaceuticals.

At AEM Clinics we prescribe natural herbal remedies, based on traditional European

 herbal extracts, to deal with everything from infertility, impotence, stress and anxiety to weight

 problems, skin blemishes and internal organ complaints.


Nutrition is another critical component of our services. We are, after all, what we eat and

AEM Clinics can provide different diets which help promote specific wants or alleviate given

 problems, from acne to irritable bowel syndrome and diets suitable for people suffering

 specific maladies like diabetes. These diets are neither bland nor boring but are both colourful

 and very palatable as well as being nutritious and can be used in combination with herbal

additives to manage many common issues.


Hypnotherapy is another specialist skill which we have successfully used to help clients wishing

 to stop smoking. It is equally valuable for resolving the underlying issues producing anxiety and

stress . issues which may be the result of early childhood experiences, which still trouble adults

 forty years later. Hypnotherapy is very useful for curtailing smoking and substance abuse, diet

reinforcement, stress, insomnia and anxiety.


We often find a combination of different treatments can be used in combination with more

effect than single treatment session.


 Insomnia can be helped by a combination of both natural herbal medicines and hypnotherapy

Of course, problems of both male and female infertility and impotency are often more

successfully treated when our multi-discipline approach is adopted.


Our founder, Anecita Estavilla-Maullin is a qualified naturopath, which embraces credentials

 in Nutrition and Herbal Medicines as well as  hypnotherapy.

However, that is just the start of Anecitas credentials. Anecita ‘s background is in conventional

western medicine.


She has an exceptional understanding of all matters to do with the human body.

One specialty which Anecita practiced is beyond the normal expectations of a naturopath

Anecita owned and operated a chain of beauty therapy schools. She was responsible for

training hundreds of beauticians, beauty therapists, hair and nail specialists in their chosen


Dealing with “beauty” and personal image made additional demands on her medical skills,

helping sufferers of severe facial blemishes both treat and conceal their condition, allowing them

to make the most of themselves.

Weight is a recurring issue for many people. Weight reduction therapies can be dietary,

exercise and supplementary, from steam treatments (sweat it out) to muscular electro-stimulation

treatments but they are not designed to shrink the skin. We offer a range of options to help

people who, after successfully losing weight, have more skin than they knew what to do with.


Please review the therapy pages on the buttons to the right of the screen and select your


 Finally,  about Anecita,

Anecita Estavilla-Maullin is well qualified to address any matter concerning your personal

fitness, presentation or “image”, life quality and health.

Anecita started her professional career studying and graduating university with a bachelor

degree in the field of medical pathology.

Since then she has also studied a wide range of disciplines and most recently completed

Advanced Diplomas  in  Natural Medicines, Nutrition, Western Herbal Medicine,

Acupuncture and Certificate in Hypnotherapy  and Hypno-Tension

(see more on her Profil;e Page)


Ask  Yourself a Question -

Anecita holds a lifelong interest in health and beauty and has practiced her

vocational beauty skills firstly on herself


So, Try and Guess Her Age!


Now go to her Profile Page to find the Real Answer!


Additionally, feel free to read through the buttons to the top right of this page and

review the services we provide, -


Remember, “Life” is not a dress rehearsal.


That is why our services are all designed to help you -


Enhance the Quality of the Life You Live