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Anecita Estavilla-Maullin


Answering the Home Page Question:

 Anecita’s driver’s licence and birth certificate advise us she was born in 1947....

        … So, in the “icon” picture, Anecita is 62 years of age?

and the picture above was taken on her 63rd birthday?


More about Anecita

Following her natural interest in personal  Presentation and Beauty, she branched out from pathology, in which she holds a university degree, successfully completing study a course in Beauty Therapy, where she studied associated skill courses in Electrolysis, Make-up, Hair-Dressing and Nail Technologies. Those skills she used to build a chain of 4 Beauty Therapy Schools, in Melbourne and Sydney, teaching students from all around the world.

Always a keen dancer, from a child,  at the same time she ran two dance schools one in Melbourne, the other in Sydney

Pursuing a thirst to learn and for personal growth, she embarked on enriching her knowledge base, successfully undertaking a degree in Natural Therapies (Herbal Remedies, Iridology, Chinese / Natural Medicines) and a Certificate in Hypnotherapy. These skills, adding to her qualifications in Acupuncture, Electrolysis, Diet, Nutrition,  and Weight Reduction, Personal Presentation (hair, makeup, nails) and Personal Fitness -

All of which -

Qualify her to advise you, thoroughly, on all matters concerning  your holistic health, appearance and youth maintenance.

Anecita is not someone who simply advises others on what to do.

As a testament to her absolute Dedication, Professionalism and belief in herself, she pays specific and detailed attention to her own Immaculate Grooming, Personal Health and Lifestyle.


In Short, Anecita does not just


Talk the Talk”,


Anecita, most certainly


“Walks the Walk”


(well, probably really  “dances” it)


As it is for most of us, Anecita’s journey though life has not always been smooth.

She has faced many challenges, often as a single parent but with a strength of spirit and belief on God, which has ensured she has remained steadfast to her values, including the pursuit of her personal goals in the area of health and beauty.

Most recently, in 2007, she had to endure surgery, chemo-therapy and radio-therapy for ovarian and cervical cancer, from which she is now in remission.


Yet during the time she was in hospital she maintained detailed attention to her personal grooming, not allowing circumstances to excuse her from the ritual of her daily beauty routine and amazing the hospital staff with her determination and attitude to recover from this life threatening illness.


Today she and her husband are planning their future together. Age is no barrier to aspiration and their plans are as big as Anecita’s heart.


They see their future in providing life quality enhancing therapies and solutions to people who want them.



Some of the credentials Anecita has acquired during her long years of study:



To Some of the Older


And the  ANTA membership and CMPAC registration


And the most recent, Hypno-Tension Practitioners Registration


And the rest of the banner picture ….

Her husband, Derek. They married in November 2009….

A quick question - What could other  “Seniors”  do to look as good as Anecita ?

The Quick Answer - Start by Asking Anecita!





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