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Anecita Estavilla-Maullin



 “We are what we feel”


and those who suffer anxiety and / or depression, simply,

do not feel good,

ranging somewhere from sad to suicidal.


Emotional issues affect our sense of wellbeing, security and the “quality of our life”, regardless the reality of our circumstances.


Anecita’s husband has observed

“90% of what affects our sense of wellbeing exists only between our own ears”


In other words, the material comfort in our life counts for only 10% of our sense of personal wellbeing and

90% of our wellbeing comes from our internal emotional state.


Example… “Love” elevates our spirit and fills us with an overwhelming sense of well being.

Love will fill our hearts with joy, especially the affirmative feelings which come from being loved.

Our personal circumstances maybe be good or they may be bad, we could be a king or a pauper but that just does not matter –

When our sense of emotional well being has been elevated by “LOVE”.….

Which pushes mere material issues into the background.


Similarly, those who suffer depression experience a less than satisfactory life because they carry an invisible, yet emotionally very real, burden with them. A burden which they may have acquired as a result of a perceived wrong or injustice previously experienced in the course of their life.

Anything from cruel word by someone trusted, to being physically abused, can affect our permanent emotional sense of well being, not simply at the time of the incident but currently in our present life.


Both an acute or chronic sense of anxiety or depression can be alleviated by the judicial application of natural therapeutic herbal remedies, counseling and / or hypnosis (either individually or in combination).


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