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Anecita Estavilla-Maullin’s


Female & Male

 Fertility & Potency



For many couples, being in a loving relationship, the matter of children will present itself.


For most people children come along as a matter of course, be they planned or unplanned


However, other couples find something in their modern day lives, may havea  detrimental effect on one or possibly two important aspects of their lives


1 Fertility  - and - 2 Potency


Sometimes the issue of “Fertility” presents itself, when attempts at conceiving seem to be “frustrated”.


At one extreme, some couples find themselves so desperate pursue IVF treatments and other surgical interventions

and find this is a successful option


For others it is not -


But there are plenty of options to review before even considering IVF


General health, diet and a “body balance” should all be areas of investifation.


Hypnotherapy can help

So too,  herbal medicines which are the oldest treatments used for many maladies and issues faced by people and fertility is no different


AEM Clinics offer a range of options for both the Female and the Male partners

Please consider the options briefly listed on the followng pages


We might be able to help you achieve your desires for family at a fraction of the cost and inconvenience of IVF or other redical options.


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