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Anecita Estavilla-Maullin


Plan for a Healthy, Energetic


and Happy Life.


Our  “life journey” is structured around the decades of our age.

Our goals, aspirations and inspirations vary from decade to decade.

Likewise, our obligations and expectations change progressively through the decades of our life.


Remember, we all have the same opportunity but it is, in part, how we

respond to or ignore, the opportunities which life presents us for health,

energy and happiness, which determines how healthy, energetic and

happy our life will be!


The Decades of our Life:

Decade   Age

    1           1-9  Parentally Managed

How our parents bring us up will contribute significantly to instilling the basic building blocks s for our own future life.

    2        10-19 Self Evolving, the Rebellion Years

Discovering self-will and going through the hard task of learning to control it.  Questioning our parents’ contribution to our life and moving on to take self control and responsibility for our own destiny.

    3        20-29  The Invincible Years

Stepping out, by one self, on this great journey of life.

Testing and discovering who we are and how to interact with the wider world. Breaking hearts and having our heart broken in love. Attempting to climb life’s hurdles and face life’s challenges, for most of us, with mixed degrees of success.

    4        30-39  The Young Family Years

Forming a relationship, starting a family and dealing with the stress and pressures of bringing our own children into this world.

    5        40-49  The Questioning Time

This is the time of possible self-doubt.

Here we need to learn to deal with the doubts and disappointments which life may bring. Now is the time to remember, 90% of what affects us in our lives, exists only between our ears.

    6        50-59  First Freedom

Having managed to survive contributing to the “gene pool”, now we start to seek out who we really want to be, instead of who convention and responsibility seemed to have made us.

    7        60-69  Freedom Plus

Building on the discovery and success of the 50’s. helping our offspring deal with the issues which nearly broke us when  they were young and we were in our thirties.

    8        70-79  Philosophical Time

Recognized and respected as a family elder. realising that whilst times change, the real “issues” of life never do, they just have to be learned and understood by younger generations.

    9        80-89  All the Answers –

and the wisdom not to express them

Accepting the outcomes of mistakes of the younger ones, with the love which comes from wisdom.

    10     90-99  God-Bless and Farewell

Serene in the knowledge of a life well lived, a contribution well made, needing the company of few, as the knowledge that life is a risk, a challenge and the only  “security”  and reward came from within.


Throughout these decades our bodies change.

Our bodies and our health face different demands and thus rely on different resources to operate at their best.

1 Good diet - to nourish and build us.

2 Good sleep - to repair the injuries of the day and help us develop.

3 Good life practices - to maintain our capabilities to the fullest.

all 3, essential to both maintain our health and to repair the injuries we might have suffered as we progressed through

this wondrous journey called “life”.


AEM Clinic specializes in offering a range of therapeutic options to enhance the experience of your life’s journey


nutritional / dietary counselling,


youthful beauty and personal image enhancement

intimate performance therapies etc.


For those mature enough to accept that “improvement” is always possible, provided we have the humility to follow advise as offered.


This is your life, your happiness and your future.

We can help you but we can only achieve what you decide to be directly involved with and participating in.

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