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Anecita Estavilla-Maullin




High blood pressure can affect anyone at any age, so regular medical check-ups are

important. The Hypnotension™ programme can help over 90% of people diagnosed

with hypertension to get it under control and even significantly reduce it.

The Hypnotension™ programme uses proven cognitive techniques and behavioural

coaching to help you tackle the most common lifestyle factors which cause high

blood pressure, and even a small reduction can slash the odds of you dying from a

stroke or heart disease.

While blood pressure is vital to life, high blood pressure can be a threat to it. Today,

one in three adults in the UK is affected by high blood pressure and half of those

people are unaware of it. Over 90% of these have no clear medical cause, which

means doctors can only work to manage the symptoms, rather than addressing the

underlying issue(s).

Paul Howard, spokesman for The Hypnotension™ programme said,

“Hypnotension works by tackling the lifestyle factors that maintain high blood pressure.

Doctors and the National Health Service simply do not have the resources to tackle them


The Hypnotension™ programme trains therapists to tackle the lifestyle factors that

are known to cause and maintain high blood pressure.


Anecita has a lifelong devotion to understanding the processes and systems of the human

body. Here original Medical Degree (specialising in Pathology),  consolidated

with her more recent  qualifications as a registered Naturopath and Hypnotherapist,

provides  an excellent  foundation for her suitability as an Hypnotension service provider.

If you have a known or emerging problem of high-blood pressure

then a discussion with Anecita might provide you with a worthwhile option to research.

Simply Telephone:

1300 462 912

or email: anecita@aemclinics.com.au

We look forward to hearing from you


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