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Anecita Estavilla-Maullin


Smoking and Substance Abuse  


Tobacco is a common indulgence which many folk have enjoyed and despite government health advises to its dangers, people continue to habitually pursue it.


This web site is not here to criticize or judge smokers but to offer assistance to those smokers (or users of other addictive substances) who would like a hand in quitting “the habit”.


Both hypnotherapy and Needle-Free “Tens” Stimulation techniques are known to help in an individual’s struggle to manage a dependency.


A lot depends on the attitude of the addict. Hypnotherapy can be particularly useful in positively “adjusting” attitudes to help sustain the individual’s motivational force, needed to battle an addiction.


Both hypnosis and Needle-Free “Tens” Stimulation allows the addict to maintain their abstinence between sessions of more intense therapy.


The individual benefits of Needle-Free “Tens” Stimulation  and hypnotherapy can be used more effectively when they are part of a combined therapy, each technique enhancing the benefits of the other.


Of course, the challenge of tobacco is echoed in other dependencies.


Alcohol, natural and designer drugs and even certain foods are all potential sources of “addiction” for some.


Some simple maths.


The personal costs (both financial and life quality) and health implications, which a person incurs in feeding their addiction

- would suggest -

The costs of remedial therapy, like Hypnotherapy and / or Needle-Free “Tens” Stimulation leading to a better quality and possibly longer life,


- are incidental.


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