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Anecita Estavilla-Maullin



 “Stomach Pains”


is a general term used to identify alot of things.

Many people suffer a much reduced quality of life simply because they feel more like 50% than 100%.

“Stomach Pains” can indicate anywhere along our digestive tract from the throat to the colon.

“Irritable Bowel” and “Leaky Gut” are both terms used to describe different general complaints which can produce equally dibilitating results, yet each refers to a different part of the digestive tract.

We can help by firstly identifying, through iridology, tongue analysis and other testing, exactly which problem  is affecting a client and then address that specific problem.

Both acute and chronic digestive ailments can be alleviated by the judicial application of suitable natural herbal remedies, possibly but not necessarily, in conjunction with Needle-Free “Tens” Stimulation.


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