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Anecita Estavilla-Maullin


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Testimonial From Lynne, an Arthritis Sufferer - Click on image to hear audio

Lynne’s Testimonial Transcript

D   –  Lynne’s one of our regular customers and Has found great relief in our arthritis blend

 Lynne how did you find it worked for you ?

L   – The first time I took it I was without pain for the first time in  28 years

D   – And -

L    – I have got osteoarthritis and the doctor said whatever  I am doing, I am doing the right thing by taking this rather than drugs

D   – Ah thats good, thats good and you were so impressed with it (Tea in a Capsule - Arthritis Blend) that you actually recommended that your Naturopath stock our products?

L    –      Yes

D   –     Yes, Thank Lynne.

Sat 12 Sept 2015

Follow up – you can now buy our Tea in a Capsule Blends from Lynne’s regular Naturopath - Mountain Health,  Ferntree Gully , Vic.


I began to take Liquid Antibiotics which I got (prepared) from Annie (Anecita) on the 15th January 2015. I can really say that it works much better than the Antibiotics that the doctors give you, as there isn’t any side effects with (the treatment) which I got from Annie (Anecita). I’m very happy with what she gives me

Pina P.....

13 Feb 2015

As a client, I have achieved wonderful results particularly with hair reduction and hyper pigmentation problems.

Annie has a great background in beauty, science and naturopathy which she is able to integrate into a very specialized, holistic approach to health and beauty care.

She is happy to explain the science behind her diagnosis and keeps up to date with current innovations and technologies in her treatments.

I love that she has founded a clinic that is flexible, offering appointments in the evening or on the weekend by appointment – a welcome consideration for busy clients like me.

Bridget                                                                                                      June 2014

The Following Testimonial was posted on facebook on Sat 31 Oct 2015 by Peter Hawes regarding his experience of our Hay Fever Capsule -


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Testimonial Text -

Testimonial of happy customer. For years I have tried every medicine on the pharmaceutical market to help with severe hay-fever. In some cases trying multiple medicines at once seemed to be the only way I could get some relief that allowed me to function during the spring season.

I met the AEM clinic crew at Altona and became good friends with Derek but was still hesitant and somewhat skeptical to try AEM clinics hay-fever relief.

Eventually Derek talked me into it but me being the ever skeptical person I am decided to really give it a test.

So before trying the sample I went for a walk. I found a daisy bush and stuck my head right in it and sniffed deeply.

I then found a wattle bush and walked through it.

I then went through coles shopping isle to the washing powder section taking big breaths through my now tortured nose as I went.

I came back to AEM clinics stand to get my sample of Derek.

My eyes were blood shot, Itchy and on fire. Truthfully I wanted to pop them out with a spoon and my throat was so itchy i wanted to claw it out my nose was running and swollen and actually in pain.

I was by far in the worst state I had ever been with my hay fever and truthfully I realized that me wanting to give AEM clinics hay-fever relief a really good test by doing all the aforementioned things was a bad idea as what if it didn't work? I would have had to go home as I was in no state to function with my hay-fever that bad.

I then took one of AEM clinics hay-fever relief pills.

My hay-fever would have been at a 10 out of 10 in severity before I took the pill.

Within about 10 minutes of taking the pill it was at about an 8 out of 10

The pain and itch in my eyes was starting to ease as was the itch in my throat.

Within 20 minutes my hay-fever would have been about 4 out of 10.

and within half an hour I only had a slight sniffle with my nose which disappeared later but was so slight i didn't notice so couldn't tell you when it stopped.

I was generally shocked that this pill worked so well and finally I have relief from my hay-fever.

I usually dread spring due to the hay-fever and amount of cash I spend on hay-fever medicine.

But these AEM Clinic pills really work and have really helped me out with my hay-fever and I have only had to buy two bottles in the last two months. I also am working my way through trying some of there other capsules for aliments and complaints as they occur. I haven't seen a DR in two months mainly because I haven't had too.

I often hang out with Derek at the market and we joke about the day I went overboard to test the hay-fever pills and one day I swallowed my male pride and told him how anxious and stressed I was that might have been a bad idea in-case the tablet didn't work.

To which Derek replied "Oh we have a pill for that"

I can honestly say he would be right not only does AEM clinics have a pill for just about everything but they actually work. Unbelievable you guys have gained a customer and multiple referrals from me for life.

Hi Annie,                                                    Apr 2014

Thank you for the Aches & Pains Tea in a Capsule, they control the aches of the arthritis in my legs and knees

The improvement I get against not taking them makes the world of difference

The Quit Smoking blend is also helping, especially as I am using it with the hypnotherapy DVD

Thank you




 Sept 2011:

Hi Anecita,                                                                  May 2014

Taking the “Forever Young” blend daily for some weeks now, I have noticed that my skin is glowing and has regained a tighter texture.

The other evening one of our friends kept staring at me, maybe he was wondering about the change of my glowing skin.

I also noticed, where I had been colouring my hair for many years, it had the quality of dried grass but now  it looks shinier and more lusterous with health.

- and the only change to my routine has been to take “Forever Young”, daily.




                                                                                  Feb 2011

When I first saw Annie, I had aches and pains all over my body and especially a constant tingling in my foot.

Thanks to Annies advise and instructions I now feel a lot better





Hi Annie,                                                     Jan 2011

I have always had a problem sleeping.

After you put me on Sxxxxxx I had the first good deep sleep in a long time

Thank you




Thanks Annie,                                       Feb 2011

I have not smoked since the hypnotherapy session

Thank you




Hi Annie,                                                     Feb 2011

Thank you for the Sxxxxxxx. My brother also had 2 tablets and had the best sleep for ages.

Can you please order another bottle as he would also like to try it.  Thank you so much.

Any questions call/message me on 04XX XXX XXX

Thank you