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Anecita Estavilla-Maullin


Weight, Image & Appearance





It is said good health is worth more than money.

Anecita has devoted her life to not just maintaining her health but to maintaining her youthful beauty.

Her personal daily ritual is simple but consistent.

A modest food intake, sufficient liquid to quench her thirst, regular exercise, on an exercise machine and in the pursuit of her passion for dance, supported by proper sleep and the love of her family.

Her personal health has only been challenged once, by cancer, which she has overcome.

Her beauty is for you all to see, no plastic surgery or botox on that face.

No post menopausal wrinkles.

A taught under-chin and flawless complexion

She can share the secret of her personal beauty therapy for not only maintaining herself but to help you possibly turn the clock back.

Having devoted many years to understanding the science, application and teaching of beauty therapy, she is the walking testimonial to the consummate application of her skills.

Whatever your health and image needs are, she has probably studied and worked on them in the past.

Electrolysis for unwanted facial& body hair

Waxing for every part of the body.

Semi-permanent makeup (tattooing) for eye brows, eye lining and beauty spots, even lip lining

Needle-Free “Tens” Stimulation to help smooth out some of those facial wrinkles

Nutrition and natural medicines for the glow of inner health.


The following health & beauty technologies are also available:

Weight-loss wraps / Slimtone

Non-Surgical Facelift



Needle Free Acupoint Service


We have recently been appointed distributor for: 


We now offer a price competitive teeth whitening service to further enhance the image which you choose to promote to the world.

So that is our holistic range of health and beauty treatments, offered by experts across the full range of non-surgical options including teeth whitening and all designed to:


Improve your health

Improve your image

Improve your self-esteem


Which all adds up to-


Improve your life


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